Now more than ever, professional athletes and athletes training for intense events such as triathlons are adding yoga to their training regime. Yoga can be one of two things for serious athletes, both intimidating and too difficult, or boring and too easy. Yoga for athletes can be a useful tool to complement an athlete’s training and give them a sense of ease and endurance, rejuvenation and recovery. Dana Kraft, the yoga instructor to the NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors, has a myriad of experience working one-on-one with athletes in a professional environment. Her goal is to bring the mind-body connection that athletes already have to a higher level, and to make yoga accessible for them, still allowing for a challenging workout that is tailored to each clients’ individual needs. Yoga for athletes can range from an intense workout, to a restorative yoga session. It all depends on the athlete’s sport, training, position played, time of year, injuries, and other factors. Alignment, breath awareness and meditation, flow, long-holds, and The Roll Model® Method are incorporated into the training.

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