One-on-one yoga instruction is beneficial for every yoga practitioner. Beginners, those with therapeutic needs, and advanced students can all find ways to effectively deepen and personalize their practice with an experienced and knowledgeable yoga teacher.  Private yoga instruction is tailored specifically for your needs in order to help you achieve your personal physical, mental, and spiritual goals at the pace that is best for you.

Dana will work with you to create a custom yoga program that is best suited for not only where you are in your practice, but also where you are in your life. Dana’s philosophy is: the challenges we face in our yoga practice parallels the obstacles we face in our daily lives; breathe through them on the mat, and we can overcome them off the mat.

Investing in private yoga with Dana will help you to overcome those obstacles on and off the mat, deepen your practice and increase your confidence. You will be able to ask questions in a confidential environment and receive personalized guidance and hands-on adjustments tailored to your individual needs.

By appointment only. Please email to schedule a session or complete the form below.