Deep House Yoga: Who, What, Where, When, Why?

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What is Deep House Yoga?

By Dana Kraft

Coming up next at Namaste Highland Park is Electronic Excursions: A Profound Yoga Experience, on Sunday March 12th, at 7:45pm.

But what exactly is it, and should you venture with us on this excursion?

The answer is yes, but why?

If you love to feel a sense of freedom and letting go, if you love to dance like no one is watching, and you love yoga, then this is the place for you to uplift your spirits.

Deep House Yoga has been around for a few years now. It started in New York and San Francisco and has just started making its way to Los Angeles. It’s an underground scene that combines a live DJ, electronic music, yoga, free-flow movement, and breath all in one.

“These classes will make you break a sweat. But you’ll do it playfully — this isn’t the place to enforce stiff definitions of what yoga should look like. Instead, it’s a place where bouncing to the beat while in chair pose is encouraged, and “dance-asana” is a legitimate posture to take. Afterwards, people talk, connect and meet new friends with a happy endorphin afterglow” (Purkrabek, Sarah, LA Weekly).

After continuing to go to Deep House Yoga in Hollywood and leaving every time with a sense of euphoria I realized that there is no place on the east side of Los Angeles that offers it. I truly believe in this genre of yoga and want to offer it to students that I care about and I think Namaste Highland Park is the perfect community to receive it.

Steingold, who will be DJing the event, is a DJ/Producer based in Los Angeles.  A fixture in music for almost two decades, Steingold cut his teeth while growing up in the Detroit music scene before moving to Los Angeles in the early 2000’s.  Arriving in LA he immediately picked up where he left off, garnering residencies at world famous west coast venues.  Today Steingold continues his journey to spread his sounds across the globe.

Deep House Yoga is not meant to be an everyday class, but rather a big party to uplift your spirits and celebrate life. So come on Sunday, March 12th, 7:45pm so you can start your Monday off right. Pre-register because spots are filling up and there is a cap on the event!