What is a Vortex?

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We are constantly setting intentions, working on manifesting our life-long dreams, and practicing gratitude and contentment on and off the mat.

Imagine if you could do this work and have all your positive energy amplified out into the universe in one hour? The possibilities of what could come back to you are endless!

Recently I found out that the house where we are staying for my Joshua Tree Retreat is literally next to a Vortex. A vortex is a place on the planet of increased energy. The energy of a Vortex acts as an amplifier and takes a frequency or signal and makes it stronger. When standing in a vortex the energy will magnify what we put out into the world, emotional, physical, mental, etc. We have the ability to manifest what we want more than ever. When you are standing in a vortex the energy may allow you to gain insight you haven’t had before from augmentation of your thoughts.  Nagging pain may dissipate, and greater joy and happiness may come.  The experience of a vortex can ultimately bring you to a better understanding of who you are.

The goal of my Joshua Tree Retreat is for my students to work on intention setting, little did I know that we would be able to step outside and be in an actual vortex!

I’m excited for what the weekend of February 10-12, 2017 will bring for all us.

If you want to join us we have a few more spots open!  Early Bird Registration ends TOMORROW NIGHT!