Dana will work with you to create a custom yoga program that is best suited for not only where you are in your practice, but also where you are in your life. Private yoga instruction is tailored specifically for your needs in order to help you achieve your personal physical, mental, and spiritual goals at the pace that is best for you.

Teacher Training

Dana is the co-founder of Yoga 108, a 200 hour teacher training program. Yoga 108’s teacher training program focuses on educating their students on the meaning of the tradition of yoga, celebrating the lineage of past gurus, and growing their physical practice while honing the skills needed to become a well rounded teacher.


Join Dana for specifically focused workshops and retreats. Learn new techniques or improve old skills. With targeted retreats or intensive workshops, Dana helps students become the best practitioners they can be. Learn specific ways to improve your practice, your mind, and your body.


Dana Kraft’s yoga experience is about limitless possibilities on and off the mat. She fills the room with her sense of fun and radiance and empowers her students through her philosophy- the challenges we face in our yoga practice parallel the obstacles we face in our daily lives; breathe through them on the mat, and we can overcome them off the mat.

With the rigorous training I do every day, the amount of basketball I play, as well as the traveling I do, Dana’s yoga instruction, and the practice itself, is necessary to balance out the toll I am placing on my mind and body. Not only does Dana put me through a physical yoga practice, but she has worked with me on meditation and breath work, to help me through the high levels of stress that can come up in this fast paced, high profile, sports industry. -FESTUS EZELI, NBA BASKETBALL PLAYER
Exhausting shooting schedules combined with the fast paced energy of being on set can be very overwhelming. I like to have a session with Dana after I wrap, her intuitive ability combined with her caring approach bring me back to the present moment and help me feel grounded again. -JUAN CASTANO, ACTOR
Dana is incredible. She is a powerhouse instructor. No class is the same and I would know! I try to go to all of them. She is someone that is truly following her path and you feel it with all of her classes. I really credit her with my on going body transformation. I gained 10 lbs but it's all muscle. I'm so much leaner because of her. I'm starting to love my body again. She will kick your butt in the best way possible. I swear she has 12 eyes because she helps everyone in class with adjustments and modifications. She truly is a wonderfully caring person. - JULIANNA O., LOS ANGELES, CA

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